Clovenstone Lodges

Your fully automatic hot tub requires no intervention from yourselves.

Your hot tub is drained, cleaned, refilled with fresh spring water, sanitised and preheated prior to your arrival.  What you then bring into that water can you significantly affect the water quality

The control panel located on the side of the tub allows you to

  • increase/decrease temperature of water
  • lights on
  • jets on

Please view our video of “how to open your tub lid”

Your Safety is of paramount importance to us

  • Glass is not permitted in your hot tub, acrylic glass are provided
  • Fake tan and heavy makeup will make your experience horrible as the filters choke up
  • The safety advise is there for a reason, available online and in your welcome pack
  • Be mindful of slippery steps & decking

(Should your hot tub become unusable for the reason above we may not reclean your tub and you may be liable for significant repair costs)

Please view our video of

(Disclaimer: Clovenstone Lodges Ltd nor its owners accept any liability nor responsibility for any personal effects lost or damaged, injury or death caused to any holidaymaker as a result of using the hot tub. There is Health & Safety advise online, in printed format in lodge and signage at Hot tubs.  It is the responsibility of the holidaymaker to adhere to those safe working practices)